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    Networking Solutions

    Our Networking Solutions include designing LAN , WAN, VPN, and Campus wide Wireless besides offering Information Security, Storage, Routing and Switching technologies.

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    Asset Maintenance

    We maintain all your IT equipments with various options of Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC’s) and Facility management Services (FMS’S).

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    IT Security & Storage

    In today’s highly competitive market, companies are looking at various ways of protecting their IPR and Information Assets. We offer complete suite of Information Security and Storage Solutions for Small/Midsize Business & Enterprise.

Management Services

IT Managament - Networking Management

Asset & Network Management
Shriji Enterprises providing complete Network environment management services. Like: LAN, WAN, SAN, DAS, and NAS. We also provide Asset hardware management services.

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Storage Solutions

DATA Storage Jalgaon

Network Based Storage Solutions
At Shriji Enterprises, we provide architecting services for storage products including: Network storage viz. NAS, SAN.

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Maintenance Services

IT Maintenance Service Jalgaon

Annual Maintenance Contracts
We can maintain all your IT equipments with various options of Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC’s) and Facility management Services (FMS’S).

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Shriji Enterprises Welcomes you to the world of managed services

» All IT solutions of your Company/Business.
» Providing IT Services & Resolving problems & technical issues.
» Spares parts and accessories of all types for all kind of Machines and Printers.
» FMS and FME services.
» Comprehensive & Non-Comprehensive AMC’s of Desktop, Laptops, Workstations, Servers & Printers.
» Servicing of the machines and printers.
» Networking Solutions LAN, WAN, SAN, Fibers Etc.
» Rentals of all types of machines, Laptops and printers.
» Data Backups, Storage and Recovery.
» Asset Management of all your IT Products.
» All SAN Storage solutions for your Company.
» For all your Backup and Storage Solutions.
» Servers and Backup devices are few of our Specialties.
» Designing of your Environments for SAN Storages, EVA Etc.
» Access Control, Attendance and Time Keeper and Recording Machines.

Shriji Enterprises is a fast growing company, providing end-to-end solutions in areas of IT Services, Security, and networking fields. With experienced management and marketing skills, a support team of qualified engineers and marketing personnel, Shriji Enterprises has moved up the value chain offering integrated turnkey solutions and IT enabled services. Shriji Enterprises today, provides a full range of services that addresses every need for integrated information. Read More

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